Our solutions

We offer our clients distinct support in actuarial analytics in order to increase profitability, improve their risk management tools and allowing them to make informed business decisions.

Our clients

Our clients are reinsurers, investment managers specializing in insurance investments and first insurers for optimizing their reinsurance. We work together with people from the private sector as well as from academia.

Why choose us

We deliver pluridisciplinary high-quality solutions from a perspective of a statistician, actuary, economist and programmer all in one person. You will know who is in charge of your project (senior support from beginning to end, no delegation without prior consent). Thanks to a low overhead (no fancy office), we keep our fees attractive. Moreover, in order to get the support you really need, you may hire us by the hour - for as few as one hour.

What ProMaSta stands for

ProMaSta is an acronym for Probability and Programming, Mathematics and Statistics. It reflects our interdisciplinary approach to problem solving.


Elsa Burren has founded ProMaSta in 2012 in Singapore and relocated her business to Montreal, Canada, in January 2021. Elsa is a fully qualified actuary of the Swiss Association of Actuaries. She holds a Master's degree in Mathematical Statistics and a Phd in Economics from the University of Bern and Study Center Gerzensee; download diplomas.
Elsa is experienced in reinsurance and insurance-linked securities and has acquired coding skills in different programming languages. She is further ready to provide support in solvency reporting, reserving and risk capital modelling, and happy to collaborate on a machine learning solution or a research project.

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Quebec, Canada

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