What we do

We deliver pluridisciplinary solutions from a perspective of a statistician, actuary, economist and programmer all in one person. We work together with people from the private sector as well as from academia.

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The founder, Elsa Burren, is always happy to have a chat to get to know each other!
Drop her an email, elsa@promasta.com, call or WhatsApp +1 438 229 8302.

Elsa is a fully qualified actuary of the Swiss Association of Actuaries, holds a Master in Mathematical Statistics and a Phd in Economics from the University of Bern and Study Center Gerzensee; download diplomas.
Elsa is experienced in reinsurance and insurance-linked securities and has acquired coding skills in different programming languages. She is further ready to provide support in solvency reporting, reserving and risk capital modelling, training, and happy to collaborate on a research project.

Actuarial Software

Besides our tools - Reinsurance Pricing Tool and Insurance-linked Security (ILS) Portfolio Optimizer - we also provide developer support. For example, for an investment manager we have created a solution to map events from different models. Or if you require a reinsurance optimizer - to optimize cession - let's develop it together by leveraging our existing programmes.

Research and Publications

"Actuarial vs Financial Pricing - considering tradable insurance risks"
Browse our library for the above article touching on insurance-linked securities and warning about a myopic traditional actuarial pricing approach, as well as other articles, including some fun topics like for example how to optimally get your child to bed.

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